Saturday, December 11, 2010

A few more outtakes

from our recent Christmas Card photoshoot. I'm only getting 20 cards, so for those of you who don't get an actual card, I will eventually post a photo of our finished card too (but not until the others have been mailed so that it's still a surprise.)
In the meantime, enjoy these "not quite right" ones that didn't make it onto the final card.

hands in the way.
 more hands (he's chewing on a jingle bell, how festive is that?)
 hands in the face and a hat malfunction.
 okay, there's nothing wrong with this one except I wanted to see more of AnnaSophia's face. it almost made it onto the card, but it's still one of my favorite's.

 moving children = blurriness. I love the look on D-man's face though, how much do you want to kiss him right now?
 more moving targets
 stinkin' migrating Santa hats
 we were losing them at this point. he's trying to travel places, she's got the bell and doesn't care what the hat's doing.
 hats are gone, but we're still watching daddy make funny faces to get us to smile for the camera.
 imitating daddy, and chowing down on a hat. good times.
 blurry smooches. the battery died or I might have gotten another shot because she gave him another kiss at daddy's request.
I love these two, they're so precious. in their penguin PJs.

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  1. love the jammies!! in one of the first shots...dominic looked like jonathan to cute!!