Why a blog?

The short answer is: "why not?"
The long answer is that I have way too many funny stories and snippets to tell, poems, videos, and pictures to share to try to fit it all into Facebook. Well, that and I have all the time in the world on my hands (except for that whole watching a toddler and a preschooler full time thing, but we all know stay-at-home moms are really on vacation 24-7, right? More on that whole sarcasm thing later).
Basically, I have a need to create, which usually coincides with a need to write but occasionally wanders into the crafting and painting zones. I can only go into a crafting or fabric store if I have a specific item I need, because otherwise I don't make it past the first aisle of scrap-booking stickers without going into DIY overload. Think the dogs from Up ("Squirrel!!") only with beads and frames.
This blog is my outlet, a chance to start creating again while I'm at home with my children (the result of a layoff but possibly permanent if hubby can find a job that pays better than mine did). It is my chance to get some input on some old creative writing assignments, make up some new ones, share my ideas and thoughts that would otherwise be lost because let's face it, sometimes you can't find a piece of paper fast enough!
Snoop around, enjoy yourself, let me know what you think!