Sunday, May 8, 2011

You might be a mother if:

Happy Mother's Day! Here's the next installment of my "You might be a mother if" series to celebrate the day!

You might be a mother if:
-you've ever fed the baby with your left hand while feeding yourself with your right (or vice versa)
-you've ever taken a shower in stages (wash hair in the sink while kids are strapped in eating breakfast, wash the rest of you in the shower if their naps happen to overlap)
-you wear slippers not to keep your feet warm but to avoid getting various crumbs and food bits stuck to the bottom of your feet
-you and all of your kids have ever gone all day still wearing the pajamas you woke up in
-you've ever looked at a pair of shoes or an outfit that your child owns and thought "how stinking cute is that?? I want one in my size!" (for me that would be my daughter's purple boots)
-you can tell which one of your children has a messy diaper because you can distinguish their particular odors
-sometimes you can't remember how many children you have
-you want to reprimand your child but you can't remember his name, so you start with the oldest child and work your way down until you land on the right kid (and may or may not toss in the name of a few pets in there as well)
-you've ever vacuumed your kid's foot (hand, pant leg, sock, etc) because they wouldn't get out of the way
-your current method of drying your hair is driving with the window open


  1. well agreed!!! :) you make me smile carla!! have a happy day!

  2. I love these so bad. Every time I see that you've added a new post of them, I get so excited!