Saturday, July 9, 2011

Five Things I love Friday

I know it's saturday morning, but I started this last night so it counts!

1. Sisters. I love my own more than anything, but I also have some very dear women in my family (who are all somebody's sister), and I love them too! (excuse the quality, it's a cell phone photo.)
My sister was in town for a few days, so we had girls' night out with all the aunties and girl cousins who live in this area. Girl talk was had, photos were taken, homemade mini-pizzas were consumed, and then a walk downtown for one of my favorite desserts, which brings me to number 2!

2. Ice cream. especially the homemade kind. or handmade, whichever you call it. Made right there on location from yummy fresh ingredients! I had Heathbar Crunch in a waffle cone. droooooooooooool.

3. the aforementioned Girl Talk. I love that close girl friends can launch into intimate conversations at the drop of a (cute little) shoe. Food, hair, relationships, shoes, decorating schemes, hobbies, jobs...we covered all these topics and more and I love it.

4. Adventuring. My sister and I visited several different places while she was here, little out of the way local shops that she discovered on her iphone. I've done more touristy stuff in the last 2 days than I have since I moved here after graduating college! A cheese farm, a pottery store, a flea market, 10,000 Villages (if you've never been to one, find it and go!!)

5. Coffee. The nectar of sleep-deprived mothers everywhere. I was given a bag by my aunt, so I have coffee again! Nobody else in this house drinks it, so I've been trying to make do with cappuccino mixes and teas, but it's not the same. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm caffeine.


  1. Love, Carla! (or should I say, "carpal" haha)... ps, love the new look of the blog! or perhaps it's not new, but I just noticed it. :]

  2. ... that was supposed to say "Love you, Carla!"

  3. aww, I love you too Jen! The header's new, I did it last week on my day off, the rest of it's been that way for a couple weeks while I was trying to figure out the header. haha.