Wednesday, November 23, 2011

(not so) Wordless Wednesday- Thankful edition

I'm going to be honest, I'm having to revert to some real basics to find some things to be thankful for this year. I've been unable to find a job (still), despite the fact that we're living with our in-laws and driving a borrowed vehicle, we still can't pay all of our bills right now, and now I'm having some medical problems which have resulted in a whole slew of tests being scheduled for the next 2 weeks.
Oh, and did I mention that the vehicle we're borrowing was backed into at some point in the last 2 days by an anonymous a**hole who didn't bother to leave information? Yeah. I honestly feel like my life is one giant joke right now, and I'm the punchline. And don't give me the "God has a plan" crap because what lesson could this possibly teach? "Hey, I know you have $130.03 to your name and tons of bills and 2 little ones to watch all day long, but I think it'd be fun if someone bashed in the back of the car you're borrowing because you know what? You don't have enough stress in your life, so let's throw a $500 deductible into the mix, shall we?"
okay, rant over. and with that being said, here are the things I am thankful for:

*we have food to eat, a warm place to sleep at night, and internet to entertain us.
*our children are healthy.
*no one was in the vehicle when it got hit and therefore, no one is injured.
*the doctor's visits and tests are covered at 100% because of an amazing program we're on (the single benefit of having no money)
*I have a brand new niece whom I will hopefully get to see soon!
*my parents are stopping by to see us on their way home from Thanksgiving celebrations
*with my birthday giftcard I ordered some presents for myself, and they arrived today! (blue and purple guitar picks, lavender essential oil and tea tree oil, in case you were wondering)
*Bogie & I are on a special diet which allows us 1 cheat day a week, and tomorrow's that day! Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, baby.
*my family and friends are amazing, encouraging people who are daily lifting us up in prayer

and now, for the actual wordless part of Wordless Wednesday, the three people I am thankful for the most:

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