Saturday, March 2, 2013

You might be a mother if:

*you've ever changed the paper towel roll at work and seriously considered taking the empty tube home to your kids
*you're the one stuck with eating the bread loaf butts...and you're okay with that
*you quote Disney movies in public and other adults don't know what you're talking about
*all of your toilet paper rolls are oval shaped because the kids used the TP package as a stepstool
*you've ever sat cross-legged on the floor and sipped lukewarm water out of a tiny teacup, while your 4-year old pours herself more "tea"
*there are Xs all over the kitchen floor, because you had an abundance of painter's tape and the kids had treasure chests to bury
*you've ever stepped on a lego
*you've seriously considered getting a leaf rake for the sole purpose of expediting toy-cleanup
*you break out into song and then realize it's a cartoon theme song ("we're going on a trip in our favorite rocketship...")
*you've ever had to say "artists don't paint with their spit."
*you have ever trudged outside in your pajamas and someone else's boots to clean the snow off the satellite dish
*you have fallen asleep sitting up while watching cartoons with your littles
*you get more excited about pillow forts than they do
*you have to smuggle the broken crayons into the trash because they NEED that 25th fragment of the purple crayon
*superhero capes are a big deal
*there's a doorknob-shaped hole in the drywall behind your door because the kids decided to take the doorstop off
*a single spontaneous slobbery kiss can improve any bad day
*you discipline your kid, and then realize you punished them for acting EXACTLY like you
*there are no cups in the cupboard, they're all scattered throughout the house and you can't find a single one
*there's a propeller blade in your pocket
*you don't mind when your kid breaks a toy because it means you can actually get rid of something
*you own more than one pancake mold
*while pumping gas, you take the opportunity (and handy nearby trashcan) to clean out the car


  1. My mom (your Aunt Geneva) solved the bread butts thing by collecting them in a plastic bag in the freezer. Then, when Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled around, she used them for stuffing.

  2. ryan seriously loves using the rake for toy clean up!!! it's esp good for under beds!! :)