Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An update on life in general

I am eating Reese's Pieces. You know what bugs me? when people pronounce it "Ree-seees Pee-seees". I mean, feel free to pronounced Reese's that way if you like, but the word is "Pieces". pee-suz. You wouldn't say "pee-seees of eight" or "I have three pee-seees of cake". If you're so inclined to make it rhyme, saying both words correctly will accomplish that! okay I'm done.

We're all getting over being sick. It hit me first, and there was a good half day where I was completely zombie-fied. Thank goodness for my mother-in-law who made sure that my children didn't eat each other or bleed on anything because I was incapable of doing anything but sleep. I was really hoping that the kids wouldn't get sick but it hit them a few days later and we're all just starting to recover. It's basically down to runny noses and the occasional cough, although the D-man is on an antibiotic for a throat infection (but it's day 5 of that, so he's back to his regular self and we just have to finish out the dosage so we don't grow superbugs).

The plague set us back a week or so in the whole sleep-training schedule, although last night he did pretty well. I have to find a way to curtain off his crib so that he can't see me if I peek in on him or once I'm in bed (we share a room). Still working on that, I think that will help with the night-time wakings because I can plug him back in and then "disappear". or maybe not, but it's worth a shot.

Last week we had a day in the mid-70's! It was awesome, took the kids outside where ZaZa terrorized the poor Corgi (not really though, they just chased each other around the bushes) and D ate mulch (but only a little bit). Fast forward a week and now we have 6 inches of snow on the ground. I am rolling my eyes at you, Weather. Feel the snark.
Our taxes are filed, paperwork is done, tasks on my to-do list have been accomplished. You would think that would leave me feeling satisfied and productive, but I'm so used to having nagging items on my to-do list that when there isn't anything I just feel like I'm forgetting something.
D turned 11 months yesterday, which is quite exciting because it means next month he's 1 and I have a party to plan! Nothing super-elaborate, just some snacks and a cake, maybe a balloon or two, and whoever wants to come. If 5 people show up, neat-o. If 30 show up, that's cool too! I want anyone who is friends with us and wants to come celebrate our son's birthday to feel free to do so, like an open house-type deal. I'd do every birthday that way if Bogie would let me. I mean, who am I to deny people the pleasure of my company? We sprouted some pretty cute kids, why not let people come admire them and maybe bring them an autographed Pujols baseball or some gold? Okay, I'm done. In all seriousness though, I want whoever wants to come to feel welcome to do so and will be sending an event invitation via FB to all ya'll (okay, most of ya'll because some of you are really far away and I haven't seen you in years. but I'll send it to you too if you really want me to!)
Speaking of D, he's actually crawling now, pulling himself up on everything and was observed (although it's only happened the one time) actually letting go and teetering freestanding for .05 seconds before thumping down on his padded little butt. He's getting braver about holding on to things as he stands, so I think standing on his own is just around the corner, especially since he tries to stand up from a crawling position too. It looks very funny to have him straighten his legs and stick his tushy up in the air while doing a handstand. babies are funny. He's also starting to talk, I can get him to say "hi" and "dada", although we're still working on "mama" and he doesn't know what any of them mean yet. I'm also working on his sign language so that we can communicate with him as soon as possible ("all done", "milk", "more", "eat", "sleep", that kind of thing) We did it with ZaZa and it was great to have her tell me she wanted more food when she couldn't even talk yet.

I'm excited for his party, and ready for Spring to be here, and REALLY ready for the sleep-training to take hold so this kid sleeps through the night and I can function as a normal human being again! and now I'm going to go watch an episode of Psych and eat some more Reese's. ree-suz. with milk.


  1. I was just having a conversation with Cheri last night about mispronouncing words. I never noticed the Reecees phenomenon but now I'll have to add that to the list of words that I mentally judge people for. haha!
    Glad you're done being sick! Sick sucks. :-)

  2. yeah, that's right up there with "all of the sudden" and "lacksadaisical"

  3. how about "irregardless" or the ever popular "nucUlar."

  4. oh man, I've actually had arguments with people about whether "irregardless" is a legit word. (technically it is a word, but only inasmuch as it stands to represent how people pronounce "regardless" incorrectly).

  5. So, I read this entry while doing milking this morning... then spent the rest of milking trying to decide how I say Reeses. Our milk was up a little bit so maybe the cows enjoyed the discussion. *laughs*

  6. haha, Tasha were you debating this with Amos or by yourself? Because I have this mental image of you talking to the cows "reesuz. reesees. reecee. what do you think, Bertha?"