Thursday, February 17, 2011

You might be a mother if:

-taking a shower is not so much about getting clean, but rather feeling like a human being again.
-you decide to go exercise at the gym just so your kids have an indoor jungle gym to play on
-you can remember every name of every cartoon character your child has every watched, but not where you left your car keys
-you delay putting one kid down for a nap so that you can put all the kids down for a nap at once and maybe (just maybe!) get a nice stretch of "me time" (that may or may not involve ice cream and Psych. wait, who said that? I mean, laundry and dishes of course!)
-you jump at the chance to get some groceries because you can get out of the house
-playdates help keep you sane
-you're willing to do messy activities even if it means extra cleanup because it also means some peace and quiet
-you've ever changed one kid's diaper while another one (or two) kids were using you as a jungle gym
-you've ever crawled on all fours out of the baby's room so that he or she couldn't see you and would go to sleep
-you have become ambidextrous because of the frequency with which you have to handle utensils with your non-dominant hand
-your child is talking to you and you don't hear what he/she's saying because you're thinking about how stinking cute he/she is
-you've ever gone to the bathroom and had more than one audience member under the age of 3


  1. I can't stop cracking up at the thought of you crawling out of their rooms on all fours lol! I will have to remember this trick if I ever become a mom! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it today :)

  2. i agree with all of these!!! good post carla!!

  3. I have crawled out of each of their rooms once each that I can remember. I might have done it more than once when we were sleep-training AnnaSophia. you do what you gotta do! I actually vividly recall coveting Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, haha.