Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You might be a mother if:

-you've ever finished a meal and realized that YOU were the only person you didn't feed.
-snacktime is your favorite time because everybody's quiet and happy and you get to eat
-you've ever blamed your own noxious gases on your child's "dirty diaper"
-you critique the plot holes in their favorite cartoon because it's the only form of logic you get during the day
-you're not ashamed to give yourself the same bedtime as the kids
-you have picked the hair/dust/crumbs off of a fallen piece of food and given it back to your child
-you color and paint just as much as your children do because it's an excellent form of stress-relief
-you automatically check the floor around your feet before you move so you don't step on anyone
-you think that baby shampoo is one of the best smelling things ever
-you smother one child in kisses, and then go find your other kid(s) to smother them too (just so you don't show any favoritism)
-sometimes you forget that not everyone is a mom and may not want to hear your sleep-deprivation woes and poop stories
-you have a stockpile of colorful headbands for those days when you don't get a shower before you have to run to the store/bank/post office
-you've ever stared at your child in wonder, not hearing a word she was saying to you because you couldn't stop thinking about how stinking cute she is

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