Saturday, June 18, 2011

May Movies

I know it's late, sorry! Last month's movies were "Green Light" and "Jason and the Argonauts" and I really enjoyed both!

Since I had so much fun watching Errol Flynn in Robin Hood I recorded and watched another of his films called "Green Light" (1937, directed by Frank Borzage). Errol Flynn stars as a physician who takes the blame for a colleague when he accidentally kills a woman on the operating table. The plotline in general was good, but the film didn't quite know what it wanted to be. It was 1 part religious, 1 part mystical, and 2 parts heroic romance. It could definitely benefit from an update, although without Errol Flynn to star in it, it wouldn't be the same.

"Jason and the Argonauts" (1963, directed by Don Chaffey) was my color film for May and it did not disappoint. The stop-action animation is the stuff of legend, and the rest of the effects are good too! As far as the storyline goes, it wasn't anything too exciting and could be considered boring by some, but the film is definitely worth watching if for nothing but the nostalgia factor. And in case you wanted to know, the word "Argonauts" comes from the name of their ship (the Argo) and "nauts" stems from nautical, meaning "sailors" (so basically "Argonauts" means Sailors of the Argo.) Now you know!

Go watch some old-school movies, you won't regret it. I think I'll have to watch the new Argonauts to see what they did to it.

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