Saturday, June 25, 2011

You might be a mother if:

-you've ever used something other than a tissue to wipe a nose that wasn't on your own face
-the insensitive and brainless comments you received when you were pregnant still make you mad when you think about them (who DOES that?)
-you've ever been so engrossed in watching Anne of Green Gables (for the umpteenth time) that you don't notice your daughter has dumped an entire basket of folded laundry on the floor and is now throwing it in the air like giant cloth confetti
-you can tell when your kids getting sick because of the change in personality
-you can accomplish in one morning what normally would have taken you a week when you were single (laundry, dishes, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc)
-one of your kids starts throwing up and your first reaction is to catch it
-you have the lyrics to all of the VeggieTales songs memorized but can't remember where you left the nail clippers (true story...can't find them for the life of me.)
-you have hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and a pack of tissues in every bag you use (diaper bags, purses, etc)
-you've ever had hairy knees poking out of your capri pants because you ran out of time in the shower and couldn't finish shaving
-you've ever used your daughter's tiny sparkly purple barrette in your hair because you couldn't find one of your own and she has an endless supply
-your kid takes a tumble and you remain seated and calmly ask if he's okay instead of rushing to his side and freaking out
-you get your kids ready for church in 10 minutes flat and then realize you're still in your pajama pants and bedroom slippers
-you look forward to watching cartoons because they're kinda funny (Phineas and Ferb, anyone?)
-you've ever used a diaper/nursing pad as emergency undies/maxi pad
-your current floor cleaning method involves the dog more than it involves the broom

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