Friday, October 7, 2011

Five Things I love Friday Fail

I really wanted to write a Five Things I love Friday, but I'm having a really hard time coming up with some right now (that I haven't done already, that is).

We're potty-training ZaZa and it's not going well. (except for today. today's the best she's done so far, with only one accident and that was during naptime so she probably didn't even know what was going on) we switched up the reward candy tonight, so that might help too. we don't feed her candy, so we figured one smartie every time she peed in the potty would be great incentive. tonight we switched to Reese's Pieces since we were almost out of smarties (we MIGHT have eaten most of them), and I think she likes those even better!

I interviewed for a job last monday the 26th, and was told I would hear by that friday. friday came and went. I called monday afternoon, they were "still in the decision making process" and she would let me know by THIS friday. take a wild guess what happened. that's came and went, not a word. Bogie told me I had to wait until Monday to bug them again. This job could work out really well for us, I want to give them the benefit of the doubt but seriously...does it really take two weeks to make up your mind?

we found a townhouse we like, but while it's in the area we want, it's pretty small and kind of awkwardly laid out. we found another townhouse that we like even better, it's larger, cleaner, and will probably be cheaper in the long run, but it's much farther away than we wanted and if I get the above mentioned job would mean a 40 minute drive to work for me. We're filling out the application for the bigger one tonight, but I was really hoping to have heard from that job by now because no landlord wants to hear that your income is unemployment. oh, well.
both my mom and my sister told me to give God my specific requests for our house and let him do the rest. so I sent him an email and did just that (technically, I sent an email to myself and addressed it to God but it works all the same).

so yeah...there's a whole mess of crap going on right now and I don't even remember what normal is anymore. coffee. coffee is normal, I think. coffee will be one of my favorite things until the end of time.

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