Saturday, October 15, 2011

An open letter to God

I was speaking with both my mother and sister about our current need for finding a new place to live and how I can't find what I want. They both made it clear to me that God is a Big God that cares about small details. My heart knows that He is a big God who can Do Anything, but sometimes my head convinces me otherwise and due to all the crap (technical term) that's been happening to us lately I'm a wee bit jaded as far as optimism goes. However, I am trying very hard to believe that God will give us just what we need while also hoping that he'll give us some wants as well, all without trying to make him into Santa Claus God. So here is an open letter to God, in the same form that I emailed it to myself (my way of "sending" it to God) on what we're looking for in a place to live.


3 bedrooms: 1 for us and 1 for each kid
spacious rooms for our belongings and the kids to play
decent sized, fenced in backyard for the kids to run around in unrestricted

decent sized kitchen, lots of counter space
washer/dryer included
$1000 a month or below, all utilities included
lots of windows for natural light and sunshine

an extra bedroom for an office/library
gas stove
a walk in pantry would be amazing
it'd be awesome if there was a laundry room
walk in closet in the master bedroom

Wherever we live next is where we'd like to stay until we can afford a house, so we're being slightly more rigid in our requirements, because "good enough" might become intolerable after a few years.
We have an appointment to go look at a place at 10 am, I drove by it yesterday and not gonna lie, it looks a little iffy but it also has several porches and sunrooms attached and looks like it would be big enough for our needs. It has a very large backyard but it's not fenced. We'll see, I guess.
If ya'll reading this know of any places that fit the bill above, please let me know! and if you wouldn't mind keeping us in your prayers as we search (for a house and a job for me) we would really appreciate it!


  1. Have you found anything? We're still hunting here, too. :-) My list is getting shorter and shorter as time goes by. But on the upside, before we moved here, I was VERY less than thrilled about this house/location, but over the years, I felt that the Lord kept pointing out things he had put into this house that were like little gifts from him to me. So I grew to love it. :-)

  2. no, we haven't found anything and now we've had to stop looking because we barely have money for groceries & bills, much less rent. sigh.