Thursday, January 26, 2012

You might be a mother if

-the drawstrings on your hoodie are always uneven
-you have mastered the art of stirring your coffee without letting the spoon touch the mug so that you don't wake up the child who fell asleep on the couch
-you regularly get play-by-plays on the retrieval of boogers ("got it, mommy!")
-you've ever used your child's carseat for securing something other than your child (2 1/2 dozen eggs, for example)
-you have used the seat of a vehicle as an emergency diaper changing station (more than once)
-you wear tights because A) you're out of clean socks and B) it sucks in your baby flub like magic
-the longer you sit still, the more matchbox cars get lined up on your leg/arm/shoulder/foot
-you're listening to your preschooler yell from her bed during quiet time "I can't reach the booger!"
-you finally get everything cleaned and think "okay, now who should I invite over so I don't waste this perfectly clean house?"
-you get home from a full day of running errands and realize that the stickers your son put on your pants and shirt that morning are still there
-sometimes you let your kids watch the obnoxious cartoon you swore you'd never let them watch because they're so enamored with it that you actually get the dishes done in one sitting
-despite your best efforts to the contrary, you watch dismayed as an entire toy bin is emptied in search of one toy that wasn't even in there to begin with
-you borrow the baby's diaper bag to use for yourself because it's so much cuter and roomier than any of your bags
-you serve the kids a nutritious and balanced meal...and then eat a bowl of cereal while standing up
-you've ever gotten a matchbox car stuck in your hair
-you wish for a cleaning fairy...and then remember that YOU are the cleaning fairy.
-you have more laundry in baskets than in dressers & closets
-you're not ashamed to run from the imaginary dragon, even if it means letting the pasta boil over once or twice


  1. Have I mentioned that I love these? Because I do.

  2. Haha very nice!

  3. HAHAH!!! love it carla....totally understand a lot of on!! :)
    esp the one about letting them watch what i've said no to....been doing that more and more....well and they are getting older! :) they are less scared than i think they would be ! that's a relief!

  4. spot on. Only difference is I use the trunk of our car to change diapers because a) there are lots of interesting things to look at above him so he lays still, and b) the seats are never really clear enough to lay him down on - just one more chore to get around to!