Thursday, June 14, 2012

You might be a mother if:

-you spell something so your kid doesn't understand what you're saying, and then realize you spelled the wrong word
-you've ever had to rescue your child out of the toilet because they forgot to put the potty seat on first
-there are teeth marks in your chapstick
-you've ever made a tent (or as my kids call it: "the bear cave") out of blankets and chairs
-it doesn't matter what time you set it for, your children will always wake you up before the alarm goes off
-all your sidewalk chalk sticks are nothing but nubs
-you've gotten really good at drawing Mickey Mouse, robots, hearts, and aliens
-you've ever found your missing the toybox
-you have to hide your 4 year old's clothes because she changes her outfit every 27 minutes
-you have more than 3 different kinds of Crayola products on hand at any given time
-a helium balloon is as good as the party itself
-you put the kids to bed and then fall asleep on the couch waiting for them to go to sleep
-you're experienced in removing (among other things) crayon, marker, chalk, chocolate, toothpaste, and strawberry jam from the walls
-you're okay with walking like a duck so your munchkin can "help" push the shopping cart
-your nails are currently sporting purple and blue glitter nailpolish
-getting dressed in the bathroom means something is going to get cleaned in the process
-your kids aren't the only ones who like those smiley-face fries for lunch
-you've ever been woken up by one of your kids asking "mommy, are you awake?"

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