Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Now that I have a full-time job, I keep forgetting about my poor little blog. But I had off today so here's a new 5 Favorite Things Friday!

Pre-heated cream. I have no idea how I drank coffee for 17 (ish) years without doing this, it's fantastic! Before, I never drank my coffee fast enough while it was still hot, and my window of opportunity was made even shorter by the fact that the refrigerated Half & Half cooled it way down.

The side-part. I do not like to wear my hair down, mostly because I hate when it gets in my face. I don't like it in my face, on my neck, it just bothers me. BUT I also didn't like how it looked, very plain and kinda frumpy. Enter NCIS. One day it just hit me that Ziva's hair looked so nice down because it wasn't parted straight down the middle. Lightbulb! I'm still not wearing it down a lot, but I'm wearing it down a lot more often now that I give it a side-part. I love it!

Domino's Gluten Free Pizza. Thanks to our diet, I've been gluten free during the week by default, but when it came to cheat day I was still eating the regular food. I finally got tired of feeling gross, and have gone totally gluten free. I knew Domino's did GF pizza, but thanks to a really bad experience a few months ago we have never tried to order from them again. Well, we tried again tonight and thanks to the Pizza Tracker I know what the status is and the delivery person should be here soon. BUT, did you also know that you can pick any one of their pizzas and make it a gluten free crust?? The only other pizza place we knew that did GF pizza you could only choose cheese or pepperoni. I'm pretty excited about this meal, not going to lie (Buffalo Chicken Pizza, woohoo!).

Organizing. With the whole bug treatment thing, all of our stuff has been packed up for a couple weeks. Now that I can unpack it, I'm totally using the opportunity to revamp some of my storage spots. So far I've gotten some bins for the wall for mail/bills/keys, and I'm rearranging the shelf unit in the closet. I'd like to get another shelf unit for the other closet to hold extra food since we don't have a pantry.

Pinterest. I know, I know. But I'm a visual person and it's literally like a feast for my eyes. I have tried a handful of the things I have pinned, and plan on trying much more, but I have a few boards that are solely for looking pretty. And they make me happy.


  1. So what is the main reason with the gluten free thing? I've been seeing a lot about gluten lately and I'm just wondering what it's about. :-) Is someone in your family allergic, or you just believe in general it's healthier?

  2. Gluten is a protein in wheat, barley, and rye. People with Celiac Disease can't digest it at all, and people with Gluten Intolerance have problems digesting it. We discovered D was gluten intolerant when he was about 17 months old, I figured out that I was too not too long after that. If you find the tag "gluten free" I did a post with videos about taking him off gluten. His health and bowel movements were a welcome change (and the ones we were expecting) but his attitude and demeanor changed drastically, too!

  3. yay to all of these! so happy for you carla! i love the side-part thing too, my hair stylist charged me to never ever go down the middle---ever! sheesh...i get the hint! ;)