Sunday, July 18, 2010

I forgot...

...about 5 things Friday. So I'm doing 5 Favorite Things Friday on a Sunday. It's like Christmas in July. except not.

1. Books. the smell. the feel. the type. the way a well-written story sucks you in and makes you so much a part of its world that you can't hear your husband asking you a question. and the way you don't even realize you're crying at the sad part until you hear yourself sniffling. Books rock.

2. my camera. I looooove taking pictures. and telling stories with pictures. I will post pictures on here as soon as I figure out how to do it. mmmmm, photography.

3. watching ZaZa make D laugh. He thinks she's the funniest Being alive, and she cracks up at him because he's giggling. it's too cute.

4. Tylenol. infant formula for teething babies, extra strength formula for headaches. the two may be related.

5. Bogie. his hugs. his kisses. the fact that he and I made two super cute kids. the fact that he's really good at math and can help me because I am most definitely not. I heart him.

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