Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Murphy with a vengeance

he's a trickster, that ol' Murphy. Although technically I think Murphy's Law is "whatever can go wrong, will" I think Murphy has a little sister whose name is Irony and therefore creates a tiny clause to her big bro's Law that states "as soon as you declare something To Be, it changes" (or rather "I will change it". She's a brat, that Irony)

So not only did D sleep from midnight to 5 am straight last night (he hasn't really done that for a few weeks) but he proceeded to take an hour and a half morning nap. This allowed me to take ZaZa upstairs and completely clean/organize/rearrange both of their rooms. Since D's still in his Co-Sleeper with us in our room, his room upstairs kind of became the catch all for things I wasn't sure what else to do with (the air mattress, his old bassinet, a carseat that he's not big enough for yet, empty tubs from when we moved, you get the idea). So now the glider and footstool are in his room, the crib's all set up with the sheet and dust ruffle, both wardrobes are up and all of ZaZa's "hangy-up" clothes are in there. I even put together the shelf that I was going to use for our other nightstand and put it up in his room to hold his lamp and the Childcraft books from my grandmother. All I have left to do is put the rest of ZaZa's clothes in her dresser, which Pop-Pop painted to match her pink and brown room.

not only did he take that long morning nap, but about 30 minutes after ZaZa went down for her nap in the afternoon, he was ready to sleep again and they BOTH SLEPT FOR OVER 2 HOURS!!! I didn't even know what to do with myself. I actually ended up making some important phone calls that needed to happen anyway, but I was so happy with myself for all the work I did this morning that I could have sat on my tushy the whole nap and not even cared (or guilted myself about it afterward with all the productivity I could have accomplished if I weren't so lazy. yup, I do that.)

so perhaps I should employ the use of Beatles' lyrics more often? Bogie would say it's because I finally listened to him and both swaddled D and had our ceiling fan on. I've swaddled him for naps on numerous occasions and he never slept that long for me, and since we always have a box fan on in our bedroom I didn't see what difference the ceiling fan would make. Perhaps Bogie's right and that's what D wanted, if it works I'm not complaining, although I kind of hope that maybe the teeth are about ready to pop through and that's why he's sleeping better.

and now that I've said all this, Murphy and his bratty sister are busy plotting my doom.
What's in store for tomorrow, I wonder?


  1. how exciting... everything looks fabulous!

  2. thanks for the comments, guys! I'm very excited that I'm finally getting organized, it'll be so much easier to keep things clean when I have a system. (btw, javawava, who are you?)

  3. yes, he is. :) after his favorite actor.