Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today we discovered

...marker caps fit onto the ends of markers as well as the tops, and can be stacked together in a tower (and subsequently knocked over with much yelling and cheering)

...sisters are an endless form of entertainment

...ZaZa can growl like a Wookie (see above)

...hats on babies are really fun

...hats don't stay on babies very long with 2-year olds about

...pillow forts are only inferior to box forts and sheet/chair forts

...the phrase "please don't whine" has no impact whatsoever on the intended target ("leave it alone" and "stop that" included) matter how deeply your husband is sleeping, he will instantly wake up if you try to change the channel, even though he's been sleeping through the first half of the game can never have too many notebooks

...inexpensive, spontaneous gifts are incredibly fun to give

...teething rings are superfluous when mommy has fingers/hands/arms/shoulders

...that just when you think no more drool can POSSIBLY come out of such a tiny being, he throws up on you can never have too many clean tee-shirts (see above)

...accomplishing something you've been putting off for a while brings a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness

...purchasing a potty seat can bring a sense of glee (no more diapers!) gloom (baby's growing up) and grumpiness (oh, joy. potty training) all at once

...drooly hands make for FREEZING hands when nursing commences

...screaming into couch pillows is kinda fun. and therapeutic

...even if you don't get one, nap time is a glorious time


  1. my kids love putting the marker caps on the ends of their fingers and playing that way...markers never last as long as they should.

  2. haha, Mona and I used to do that. I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before my kids do it too!

  3. Good one Carla and well written!

  4. We used to put Fritos "Buggles" (little corn chip thingys) on our fingertips. Then we would pretend we were witches and then eat them one by one. What a great memory.