Saturday, October 23, 2010


Bogie's birthday was on Wednesday. My birthday is on Monday. We like to call the 5 day span between those days "Birthday Week".
We went out with friends on Wednesday night and had a great time (even though I had to come back early because D wouldn't go to sleep or stop crying).
My grandparents (who live in VA) came to visit us Thursday afternoon, we had a lovely visit where they got to meet D for the first time and reacquaint themselves with ZaZa, who was D's age when they saw her last. They stayed Thursday night (even stuck it out through the entire Phillies game before going to bed! I went to bed before my grandparents...I am officially old) and went back home Friday morning. This morning I went fake-eyelashes shopping with both kids and a friend of mine, she's still deciding what to wear for her costume (she's throwing a costume party next weekend and we're all going!) and I needed some accessories to complete my outfit (red lipstick, false eyelashes and black eyeliner are three of the items I got. Can you guess what/who I am? Are you distracted from guessing my costume by the fact that I did not own either lipstick or eyeliner before now?)
 Right now everyone's napping but me, I just got back from walking a mile at the gym and when everyone wakes up we're headed over to my Uncle's house. He's hosting the First Annual OctoberFeast Backyard BBQ and I'm very excited to see everyone and hang out. Tomorrow morning is church, and then after lunch my generous and gracious aunt is coming over to watch both kids so that Bogie and I can go have a date! It's her birthday present to us both, we're thinking dinner and a movie but we'll see how the cards fall. We may just decide to do a long dinner so that we can eat without rushing (or eating standing up, or refilling sippy cups, or picking sandwich chunks off the get my point)
Monday is my actual birthday, and Bogie has promised (as his gift to me) to play offense with D all Sunday night so that I can get some solid sleep, and then keep taking care of them both all day Monday so that I can enjoy my birthday however I wish. Mmmm, sounds heavenly. I think I might take a bath. or paint my toes. Or find a bottle of Arbor Mist and make it my friend. Monday evening we're headed over to Bogie's parents house to do the family birthday celebration together with them. I love his family. My family. (I'm gonna get yelled at for that one, "we're your family too now!" you knew what I meant.)
After that, the week kinda looks boring...until the costume party on Saturday that is! I'm excited for that too, I haven't dressed up in forever (i.e. Dromedary Camel when I was 6) and I'm hoping that I won't have to come back early for any reason *coughcoughDcoughcough*. Better make sure our babysitter (whoever that may be) is all squared away!
We should be leaving for the BBQ soon and everyone's still asleep. Guess I'll pass the time by collecting blankets and jackets and hats.

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