Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today we discovered

*that chewing on a Dilbert magnet will result in finding the Pointy-Haired Boss' head in a diaper the next day

*wanting to sleep with every stuffed animal you own is hereditary

*you can never have too many bouncy balls

* if you fall asleep while nursing your baby, you may wake up to being inquisitively pinched

*slapping a kitchen floor makes great noises, as does clapping your hands and banging two wooden blocks together

*mommy is a fantastic jungle gym (and sometimes teether)

*a box of sidewalk chalk can be just as much fun as the chalk itself

*straws are not just for drinking

*any day can be a birthday if you sing loud enough

*Pandora is a girl's best friend (okay, we didn't just learn that today, I've known it for several years, but still! it rocks)

*a stack of books and a full jar of animal crackers is a good way to spend the morning

*always have the video camera handy

*ranch dressing makes a great lotion substitute (not)

*the superyard baby gate is a fantastic piece of equipment (if you have more than 1 child and don't have this, beg borrow or buy! you won't be sorry! you can pop the ends out to make one long zig-zag gate, it's awesome.)

*baby clothes multiply like rabbits, don't put them in a closet and turn your back!

*the phrase "like taking candy from a baby" was clearly not coined by a parent, because taking anything from a baby will result in bloodcurdling screams that bring the rest of the house running thinking someone's being tortured.


  1. ha ha! you are great at describing daily activity carla!! :) love you stuff~!!