Sunday, July 11, 2010

Everyone's Sleeping but Me

cue the lyrics from Queen: "Lazin' on a sunday afternoon..."

For the purposes of this blog and to maintain some degree of privacy (and because nicknames are fun), I'm not using my family's real names. Henceforth (that's right, I use that word in normal conversation) my husband will be Bogie (after his favorite actor, the great Humphrey Bogart), my daughter will be ZaZa, and my son will be D until I can come up with a good nickname for him.

Bogie worked last night, so he's still asleep, ZaZa went down for her afternoon nap about noon and D just fell asleep as well. I have been completely alone for a good 45 minutes! No whining, no requests for juice or cheese (girl loves her some cheese!), no spit-up on my shoulders. Now, I could fold the laundry, empty the dishwasher, or stuff diapers (we use cloth diapers and they need to be restuffed after washing) but I'm not going to. Instead, I'm going to write in my new blog and eat fudge grahams for dessert. Did you ever have those chocolate covered graham crackers? They're awesome. We used to get them as a treat growing up and I just discovered that our discount grocery carries them, they have become my go-to dessert item. (yes, Mom, I ate lunch first and no, I won't eat the whole pack)
Since I'm pretty sure D's nap won't last very long (he's teething), this is kind of going to be a stream of consciousness post that may end abruptly.
Not that I have a whole lot to talk about anyway. I have some ideas for future posts that I've emailed to myself, but they'll require more time to write and will have to wait until evening when at least one kid is in bed for good.
I miss writing. I used to do it all the time but haven't really done anything since college. same with my guitar, I haven't touched it in a couple years except to loosen the strings so it wouldn't warp in storage when we moved. All that's going to change though, because I need constructive activities to keep me from going crazy-go-nuts on my family now that I'm laid off. (yes, 9 days after returning from maternity leave, I was laid off from the job I've been at for almost 5 years. yes, I realize the economy is bad, blah blah blah, but that takes some balls. and not the good kind).
in summation: I shall be writing (more than just this blog, I have a cute notebook and matching pen all ready to motivate me to write poetry again) and playing guitar again.
I have a fun little book that is full of ideas for poetry (it's called "the Pocket Muse") that I will be using often, plus the little notebooks I keep in my purse to write down ideas, quotes, and observations. The writing may have stopped but the notebooks never did!
I'll need to invest in some new strings and build up callouses again, dig out my binder of music and learn some new songs, I've heard some fun ones on the radio I'd like to try.
and as is usually the case, the exact opposite of what I thought would happen has happened. Yesterday ZaZa took an almost 4 hour nap and D took several naps averaging 30 minutes a pop. ZaZa is now awake, about 2 hours after I put her upstairs. D is still sleeping over an hour later. Go figure. She's just chilling up in her room, playing with her toys, so I think I'll leave her there for now and enjoy my "me-time" for a little bit longer. Maybe watch some TV if I can find a channel that's not airing something about a soccer game...?

and maybe just one last fudge graham.

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  1. I love fudge grahams... Tastes like a cookie!