Friday, July 9, 2010

Here we go

I've read other blogs often enough, and goodness knows I have plenty of thoughts of my own, so I thought "why not start your own?"
So I did.
I've been wanting to start writing again for quite a while, and although it's not going to be poetry or anything (or maybe it will be. helloooo Creative Writing with Professor Nez) I definitely think this is a good compromise between no writing at all and pen & paper (which let's face it, I can't write fast enough, I need to be writing again, and this way I can share it with you!) I like to share what I write, aside from the inner purge of thoughts and feelings it's rather the point of writing in the first place, at least for me. Although even if I couldn't share, I would probably still write because there's nothing like the cleansing, peaceful feeling of having gotten every thought that's been springing around in your head out of there, onto paper. of course I had lots of good ideas for posts earlier today, while doing laundry or getting groceries, but now that I've actually created a blog and have a place to put those ideas they're escaping me. They'll come back. They always do. Usually just as I'm about to fall asleep and I think "this is a great idea, I should get up and write it down" and then I don't.
So to end my first post (maiden voyage? initial thoughts? C and I just had a whole conversation about the phrase I wanted to use there. I still can't think of it) I will borrow from a dear friend's blog and do "5 Favorite Things Friday"

1. I love the way my daughter asks for peanut butter crackers by chanting "keeka bullah? keeka bullah?" while swaying back and forth and looking hopeful. kisses ensue. and crackers too, of course.

2. When both babies are asleep for the night and C and I can sit back, eat some late dinner, and crank the Orioles game way up. It's very much an "all's right with the world" moment.

3. Root Beer Floats.

4. My son's brand new giggles. He's just starting to laugh at things, it's amazing.

5. Bones reruns.


  1. I love that you started a blog! Can't wait to read more!

  2. yahoo! i love 5 things Fridays! And i love your new blog! oh, and YOU TOO!!