Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All I can say is "Oy"...

I started this blog with every intention of writing if not every day then every other. And then life happened. I have so many fantastic writing ideas marinating in my head, but when it comes time to be still and actually produce something, I'm so drained that I usually just end up writing a quick generic blurb. Not that those aren't fun, but that's not my original purpose of this blog. With that being said, I thought I'd share some of the life that's been preventing me from doing this blog the way I wanted to.

D has 2 bottom teeth now. I'm hoping that since they're actually through he'll settle down a bit at night. He did take 2 very long naps today, but hasn't managed to harness that effort into his nights yet. We'll get there. It's easier to deal with the sleep-deprivation when the cause of it is a charming little blue-eyed boy with a slow smile and a deep chuckle. He has started flipping his tongue now, so his formerly long "ahhhhhh"s are becoming "blah-blah" and "la-la"s. and maybe even the occasional "rar" and "mom" (complete accident, I know, but it still makes my heart skip)

Zaza had the mother of all tantrums today. She didn't actually break anything (that we know of) but it did involve getting 3 spankings DURING her time-out because she was so...I guess you could say mad. I think she was mostly mad that I dared put her in her room for a time-out, usually we employ the use of a white square (the many uses of duct tape) on the floor in the office that she has to stand inside of. She did NOT like being separated (which is kind of the point, time outs aren't supposed to be fun for the time-outer!) and proceeded to let us know just how angry she was. Now the good thing about putting her in her room is that nobody has to monitor her to keep her in there, and once she calms down she can come out. But there is an acceptable level of tears and she was not at it. Crying is okay, blood-curdling screams and kicking the door are not. She's definitely one of my biggest challenges right now. Don't get me wrong, I love this little girl to pieces and I especially love how strong-willed and sure-minded she is (I have a strong-willed drama queen...can't IMAGINE where she gets it from) but some days it's more than I can handle when you factor in all the other shenanigans I have to deal with that she doesn't. I'm so glad she isn't a roll-over-and-take-it kind of person, I think I can say with a fair amount of confidence that THAT would frustrate me far more than dealing with my mini-me.

The biggest news and "life happens" instance occurred this past Thursday around midnight when Bogie's left knee started hurting. Quick summary is that it gradually got worse until by Saturday morning he couldn't move it at all without experiencing blinding pain, x-ray showed no broken bones (other than that the ER was completely useless. NEVER again, ECH), family doctor took some fluid from his knee and also some blood and we're waiting for the test results from both of those. If they both come back normal, we have an appointment with an orthopedist on Friday.
So needless to say my weekend was filled with caring for three beings, 2 of them unambulatory (that's a word, right? my spell-checker didn't like it and my brain doesn't want to focus). All the running and fetching and being constantly in demand led to a bit of a breakdown on Sunday where I was convinced that I had PMS because I was so emotionally and physically depleted (I didn't). Poor Bogie feels so bad about not being able to do anything and having to request everything but there isn't really an alternative right now. His parents have been awesome with pitching in wherever they can (mostly with the kids) and the one good thing that came out of the ER visit was the percocet. He's trying to wait as long as possible to take a pill because everyone keeps getting on his case about how addicting it can be (isn't that hospital's drug of choice for all post-surgeries?) but between that and the Tylenol it's taking enough of the edge off so that he doesn't flip out of his toe gets accidentally brushed (yes, his knee was that bad).

This is the point where I go get a big glass of milk and a nice stash of chocolate and find a good comedy, like Bringing Up Baby or The Thin Man. Nobody does comedy like that anymore, and quite frankly most new comedies aren't that funny to me. Oh, they have their moments but they're usually few and far between, and were all revealed in the preview anyway. Give me my black and white, have-to-pay-attention-to-the-dialogue, strong leading man and sassy leading lady films. Everyone is asleep but me, I'm going to cherish the next 15 minutes all to myself before I go to bed. After I make sure Bogie's got everything he needs for the night and I have my phone so that he can call me if he needs to.
Pray those test results come in tomorrow and it's something fixable and not-expensive.
and maybe come occupy some of my wee ones while I scream into pillows or take a nap.
oy vey...

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