Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Road Trip!

In 3 days we will be off to NY for a wedding, I can't wait. Not only do I get to see Heather get married, but I get to see a bunch of college buddies too! Yay! In the photo are Betsy, Vicky and Heather (left to right). We even get to travel with Vicky for a little bit because we're picking her up in Rochester and taking her with us to Buffalo. YAY!

Bogie and I have a hotel room for Saturday night since it'll be late when the reception's done, so we'll head back home Sunday morning. I just might get a solid 8 hour's sleep, people! I'm more excited for Heather's wedding, but this is a close second. I haven't had an uninterrupted night's sleep of anything more than 5 hours in over 6 months. No joke. Want to know when I figured that out? At 4 in the morning.

Bogie and I love road trips! We play 20 Questions Hollywood version (all actors/actresses), we bring along our portable DVD player and play "Friends" DVDs (we've seen them all so many times we don't have to watch the screen, we just listen and we still know what's happening in the scene! It makes the time go so much faster). We do tend to get lost on a regular basis, but we're hoping to get a GPS one of these days to help overcome that little problem.

I still have a To-Do list before we can leave though, and I think I need to add "make CD of road-tripping songs" to it (but first I'll put them in a playlist!)-
*find dress to wear
*write out schedules/tricks for kids so Grammy's not overwhelmed
*buy wedding gift/card
*rent a car
*print out directions/buy an atlas in case we get lost

There are a lot more items on my actual list, because of course I have all of these items written down so that I can check them off as I finish them. D is sleeping right now, so I think I'll get started on that list!
what's the list for again? oh, yeah, that's right. ROAD TRIP!!!

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