Sunday, August 8, 2010

What songs resonate with you?

Yesterday on my Facebook profile I asked people what their favorite worship song was. I got quite a few responses, some overlapping, some I've never heard of, and all good. I didn't post my own favorite because I have many of them. Half of them aren't even considered "worship" songs in that most churches wouldn't include them in the musical portion of the sunday morning service. These are the songs that resonate within me, the songs that make me smile when I hear the opening notes, or that cause tears to well up in my eyes when certain words are sung.
There are two songs that resonate with me the most; Caedmon's Call "Shifting Sand" and Derek Webb's "Wedding Dress", so they're in Youtube videos. The rest of my songs are in the playlist to the right, and it probably started playing as soon as you opened the page. Feel free to pause it to listen to the vidoes, but I would encourage you to unpause it once the videos are done because the rest of the songs are good too.
Please feel free to comment on the songs, and add your own favorites!



  2. yikes, I was hoping the videos would pop up, or even the active link, I guess you'll have to copy paste.