Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update on Bogie's Knee

The official verdict: gout.
I love that my sister-in-law several states away can diagnose WITHOUT SEEING HIM what the ER doctor could not. I mean, is he bleeding out the eyeballs? No. Does he clearly need more than a painkiller, ace bandage and a business card for a specialist? uh, doi. ("you don't get a lot of 'doi' these days." anyone? anyone? Friends? no?  I did a little Ferris Bueller back there too, did you catch that one? no? moving on)
He now has a medication that will help his body get rid of the extra uric acid and he's completed today's dose. He said his knee was feeling a little bit better and I haven't seen him move that easily (albiet still on crutches) since this whole thing started.
I'm so glad we went with our intuition and went to see our regular doctor before going to the orthopedist, otherwise we'd still be waiting, he'd still be in horrible pain, and we'd spend a whole lot of money that we don't have on specialists and MRIs only to find out what one simple blood test could have told us had the ER doctor done her job.
So tomorrow I'm going to call up the hospital and give the Complaint Department an earful. I don't even think they have one, but still. I'll actually mainly be calling to figure out how we're going to pay for the exciting events that were our Saturday, so pray for favor with the powers that be at Ephrata Community.
and now I'm going to go check on Bogie, he was running a fever an hour ago when he went to lie down. and I might just eat a couple chocolate chip cookies, since I didn't have any chocolate last night like I said I was going to, and I may have just baked some fresh cookies after I put the kids to bed.
you so want milk and cookies now, don't you?