Friday, August 20, 2010

Five Things Friday

1. Baths (i.e yummy smelling children)
2. Real Simple magazine. despite the grammatical inaccuracy of the title (I resisted having anything to do with it for years because of that), it's a fascinating periodical full of great tips, photos, and articles. and it's super thick.
3. daylight. sooooo much better for taking photos, especially when I'm figuring out a new camera.
4. Edy's strawberry bars. satisfies my ice cream craving without all the extra sugar and calories.
5. bedtime. that hushed part of the evening where the kids are in bed and I finally have a blessed moment to myself where I can stand still without someone trying to climb me, put on a shirt without puke on the shoulders, and eat a snack without a pair of huge blue eyes trying to mooch it off me. ah, peace.

5 1/2. Road Trip was awesome, wedding was amazing, more on that later!


  1. i love real simple too!! a friend of mine gives me her old copies....i love it when she does that....cuz i don't have a subscription. :(

  2. Mona mentioned that you liked it! I had just gotten a new one when she came for A's birthday, she got to read it before I did. If I was thinking I would have sent my old ones with her for you!